3M PN High Performance Automotive Grade Scotchcal is custom striping tape for professional use in matching existing stripes and graphics or creating original striping designs.

  • Resists petrol and chemicals
  • Available in various widths and colours.
  • Ideal for all fleet and general signage applications.
  • Conformable over surfaces with rivets, corrugations and complex curves, which may be found on cars, caravans, trucks, boats etc.
  • Offers easy cutting and weeding properties as well as minimal shrinkage for permanent, durable, dimensionally stable graphics that can withstand severe weather and handling conditions.
  • The film can be used for screen printing or thermal transfer printing.
  • Backed by 3M‘s 10-12 year warranty on Black and White and 8 year warranty on colour.

The following 3M automotive high performance vinyl colours are currently available in Australia:

White, Matte Black, Black, Charcoal, Silver, Pewter, Gold, Copper, Metallic Burgundy, Burgundy, Tomato Red, Orange, Bright Yellow, Dark Metallic Green, Aqua Essence, Azure Blue, Dark Blue, Deep Plum.

Please look at our 3M Australian colour chart to colour match or call us and we can guide you to the colour you require.